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Demo of the RP4 System

RP4 is a complete system and provides everything you will need for CQC compliance as well as lots of additional material.

We’ve included everything you need and the new Task Manager ensures you don’t forget a thing, ever!

This is why the RP4 system is called The Blueprint, everything you need and we help you all the way.

A quick video to show you how the system works 

Click the Pictures to Increase the size

Members Login Page when you login this is what you will see

Step 1:- We suggest you start at the beginning by measuring your current compliance using the Virtual Inspector

Step 1 Virtual CQC Inspector 

A unique interactive CQC inspection which you can do yourself and which gives you a prioritised list of things you need to do before having a CQC inspection. It’s a scored document and you can repeat it as often as you like as evidence of improvement

Step 2:- Download and bespoke Simply Good Governance. I’ve highlighted all areas needing your attention to make it ‘yours’

You MUST have a system of governance and this is the simplest complete version that there is and it’s perfectly mapped to the CQC Fundamental standards. It won’t take you long to have it up and running because I’ve already highlighted where you need to insert your details.

Step 3:- Poisoned Chalice 

  1. This is a walk around observational audit which you can use it to monitor all aspects of your practice. All staff should be encouraged to use it and it will produce a scored and dated pdf to demonstrate you are ahead of the curve at all times.

Task Manager is an online diary

This intelligent diary is easily adapted to YOUR practice and is PRELOADED with tasks which can be added when clicked. It already knows how often it should be repeated and will move on automatically by the correct interval when you have done it.

You can add any individual tasks as well by using the ‘OTHER’ tab. When you add a task, just tell it to remember and click the bos if you want an email reminder.


This section contains all the policies, protocols, templates, advice sheets, patient and staff surveys, patient record audits, reasons for doing audits, discussion documents etc., to back up what we have talked about in other areas of this CQC package.

There are no steps to this. You can just download and save whatever you need and make it yours by putting your practice name/logo on it.

The library is in 5 sections, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just go to ALL DOCUMENTS and search using SEARCH TAB

Policy,Audit, Clinical/Training,Management, All Documents  

•How do I set up the system from scratch?
•How to move from an old system to RP4?
•How to prepare for a CQC inspection soon
•How to manage a less than perfect CQC report
Click the link to get the answer RP4 How to steps 2019.docx