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K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) is the key.

Keith and the RP4 Ducks bring you this COMPLETE system which  includes everything you will ever need for CQC compliance and it’s still only  £59.95 per month inclusive VAT. 

The system comes complete with all the right tools, policies, audits and check lists and includes a reference library and an intelligent interactive diary. From the first time you open the system, it is already unique to YOUR practice RP4 can assist you 7 days a week with fully bespoking it to your needs. We even offer a FREE live screen sharing platform to guide you. £59.95 is all you need to pay, no hidden extras, no set up or joining fees, no additional fees for other services. We even assist you with CQC application, all included in your monthly fee.

There’s no big stick contract tie in either.  Have you ever wondered why others seek to tie you into staying? We don’t need to and we’re there by your side to help you 7 days a week.

We now even offer 24/7 expert legal helpline and contract drafting included in the price. Some think it’s too good to be true, others know better and are saving lots of time and money. How long before you catch on?   
 Quick Tour of the Simple system

 Virtual Inspector Tour Video

 Follow our 3 simple unique steps,“Brilliant!”


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 As a RP4 monthly member, if would like to advertise a vacancy within your practice for an Associate, Practice Manager, Hygienist or Therapist,

Please email and request a BOX and we will post your advert on our website notice board

 24/7 Expert Legal helpline, HR and contracts advisory service available FREE to monthly paying members now LIVE.

Unique to RP4 Blueprint and light.

Monthly members should email with your login details and obtain a user voucher to gain instant access

Feedback on RP4 legal helpline, HR and contract drafting service

Hi Keith, 

We used the new system to draft a contract it was very easy to use and the contract very comprehensive

Explained every step of the consequences of putting something in or leaving out of the contract

Really good system



Hi Keith, very helpful especially as the time slots went all the way up to 8pm. Had a very informative chat with one of the advisers about the contract issue who explained where we stood which is what I needed (and would rather not have paid a lot of money to an external solicitor for!). Haven’t used the online one, when I do, I will give you my opinion on that too.

Thank you very much for setting this up, an extra string to the already great RP4 bow.

Kind Regards J G

 Friendly and helpful, 100% brilliant!


ASSOCIATES are you looking for New RP4 Light
Welcome Joining RP4 Light

Just £9.95 (incl VAT) per month to buy the most complete and simple system there is and there’s no minimum period. The price you join at will remain the same, so when prices increase, yours stays the same.
Do it now:-

simply send your name to once you filled out the go-cardless link. 

RP4 Light is a new service for Associates includes:

A suggested governance system, clinical auditing, clinical reference library, helpful articles on NHS contract management, PDP planning, clinical risk management, 7 days a week support from experienced clinicians, introduction to significant cost savings and NOW the 24/7 legal helpline manned by ARAG plc.

Coming soon there will be an intelligent associate practice diary to prompt you with updating your PDP, customised tasks and clinical audits.

If you want it now, go to Pricing page, signing up takes 2 minutes!