Dental Expert Regulatory Compliance for Professionals

RP4 is run by dentists for dentists, and provides cost-effective solutions and guidance to meet and exceed CQC expectations and improve your practice for the benefit of the whole team.

RP4 is a simple yet comprehensive system of governance and compliance, designed by dentists, that delivers measurable savings for owners, confidence in regulators, while also streamlining your practice.

Step 1 - Virtual CQC Inspector

Measure your current CQC compliance using this unique tool. The report generates a percentage score and action plan. The tool has been written and updated by experienced dentists who have worked closely with the CQC. All the RP4 reports can be downloaded as dated pdf documents and available as evidence of compliance.

Step 2 - Good Governance

The CQC expect you to use a system of governance. It's really easy to use the RP4 governance document and save it to your desktop so that all the team have access. There's an intelligent search function and it's completely updated every year. What could be easier than that!

Step 3 - Poisoned Chalice

The CQC call this a walk around observational audit. It's an overall assessment of all that's important in YOUR practice. It will ask you questions about your health and safety preparedness and point you to where you can find the answers within the RP4 library.
Like all of the RP4 documents, you can download them as dated pdf documents as evidence.

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