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About Us

Right path 4 is run by dentists for dentists and provides cost-effective solutions and guidance to help you meet and exceed CQC expectations and improve your practice for the benefit of the whole team.

RP4 is a simple yet comprehensive system of governance and compliance, designed by dentists, that deliver measurable savings for owners, confidence in regulators, while streamlining your practice.

Who are we?

Keith Hayes BDS(Lond)Hons PG Cert Dental Practice Appraisal RCS 51595 

Many of you know me already from GDPUK. I qualified from The Royal London Hospital in 1977. I have been a wet fingered dentist for over 30 years as well as teaching both undergraduates and post graduates. I have been the Clinical Director of a Dental Corporate as well as appointed as a Practice Supervisor and a Clinical Mentor by the NHS and the GDC.

The CQC invited me to play a part in regulatory development as well as performing many CQC inspection visits, and as accompanying clinical adviser.

I quickly realised that there is a real need for a simple understanding of exactly what the CQC want to be confident about. So I have put this together in my CQC package.

Keith Hayes BDS Cert Dental Practice Appraisal RCS 51595

Since publishing our simple yet comprehensive system of governance and compliance, we have now provided detailed guidance often including practice visits to more than 900 practices and we visit around 100 practices each year!

We also provided dozens of presentations, including 3 at BDIA, The Eastman Hospital, Health Education England and a Symposium lecture on CQC at the Royal Society of Medicine for SAAD. 

We have lots of new innovative tips ideas for 2020 which will help keep you safely on the Right Path 4  track to success in the future and also help you meet and exceed CQC expectations and improve your practice for the benefit of the whole team

Together we can all be even better.

Diana Hayes & Our New office dog Henna

I have been married to Keith for 39 years and also worked with him as his nurse, practice manager and recently editing the Right Path 4 comprehensive system . My background is as a Legal Executive, but I like to think I am the person who has my feet firmly on the ground and looking at practices from the patient’s perspective. Many of you know that I often accompany Keith on practice visits if these are for our new clients.

I have a much better memory than Keith and he can’t cook or iron either, so I think we make a pretty good team!

I hope you invite us to visit you soon. Diana

Anna Hayes

Qualified by experience, Live with a medical family. My experience is in health care. I have visited a few practice visit with Keith and really enjoyed it.

My hobbies are Photography


Mike Hill – BDS Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1979, PG Cert Practice Appraisal RCS, PG Cert Mentoring RCS

Following 2 associateships I opened my own practice in 2002, with the smell of paint still in the air, having finished decorating the waiting room 6 hours before!

Following 22 years of rummaging around in peoples’ mouths, I was obliged to leave clinical practice by dint of a developing tremor. It had been a tough last 5 years. I then worked for several years with the East Midlands / South Yorkshire Deanery lecturing, mentoring dentists in difficulty, involved with the FD programme and inspecting practices.

Concurrent with this I was also a political election agent and Constituency Chairman.

There followed a spell working commercially with practices to ensure their readiness for CQC, finally joining the CQC as a Specialist Advisor in 2015 and completing that work recently.

My main concern since having to leave general practice was who looks after us? There is no formal system of pastoral care – rarely personal mentoring of either individuals or practices – and very little support when it is most required.

CQC may seem a strange route to have taken with that thought in mind, but in fact it has given me a fantastic opportunity to help practices be better, provide individuals with ideas around problem solving, encourage many to be more aspirational in their delivery of care and ‘cross pollinate’ the great ideas that dentists and their very often talented staff come up with. Over 600 practices later – that is quite a lot of ideas.

I have known Keith for years and admire his breadth of knowledge and experience, innovative ideas and thoughtful and inexpensive delivery. Working again with him will allow me continuing, and greater, scope to achieve my aim of helping practices be as good they can be – and hopefully enjoy doing it.

Our support team

We have a small expert support team who are remaining anonymous for the moment. Suffice it to say that we have access to the most accurate information and advice that there is and for that we and our clients are exceedingly grateful.

We also have a small dedicated IT support team, thank you SV

RP4 stands up for YOU!

It is high time that our Profession stands up and tells the Public what is right and also what is wrong about Dentistry and its regulation in 2019. Did you read this?

We will speak on behalf of our members and invite you all to help us by providing background information of your experiences.

Your ongoing membership fees at RP4 help to support this important work, thank you. Together we can all be even better.

Last year I visited the GDC to have one to one discussion with Ian Brack, Jonathan Green and Matt Hill at the GDC. I believe that I can make significant progress and will continue to press them for reform. I won a concession that there will be NO MORE DEAR JOHN LETTERS ARRIVING ON A FRIDAY OR SATURDAY. So if you get one, tell me!

I have had 6 meetings at the GDC so far.

I have acted as a GDC Clinical Supervisor for many of our RP4 clients as well as written many challenges and Reports to CQC, NHS and GDC.

I have succeeded in supporting 4 dentists with issues at the GDC and saved one over £21,000 in indemnity fees per year!

Last month we supported colleagues to the tune of £12,000+ and paid for a QC to represent a colleague who would otherwise been on their own. 

Client practices and YOU

We currently have more than 700 member practices and growing daily. As you can imagine we have a huge area of expertise upon which we can draw and we invite everybody to add their experiences and ideas so that we all benefit.

You are all Experts by Experience, thank you.