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What are the new rules relating to the use of mercury in dental amalgam?

The EU Mercury Regulation addresses the issue of dental amalgam which is the largest remaining use of mercury in the EU. In particular, it sets both short and longer term measures to reduce use of dental amalgam and associated pollution. This includes: •…

Practice Meetings agendas 2018

By following these 10 meeting agendas, you will cover everything that needs to be discussed and decided and you’ll even have a record of the Minutes, it doesn’t get easier than this!

Practice Planner 2018

Perhaps you are just brilliant and can remember this all in your head. But what happens when you’re not there? Our interactive diary is bespoked to YOUR practice and is accessed by any team member. It also already knows how to do and…

GDPR All you need to do by May 2018

You need to have addressed this significant change to Data Regulation before May 28th. If you’re doing it yourself, you better start now! If you want us to give you the templates all ready to use, just join RP4 and we’ll do the…

Dental practices are not allowed to add card charges from Jan 13th 2018

From 13 January 2018 a new EU directive called the Payment Services Directive comes into force. This will stop businesses such as dental practices from being able to apply charges when patients use their debit or credit cards to make payments. You are…