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New Stuff for 2017

RP4 low

We are adding a Task Master Diary to prompt you to remember to do all those things you mustn’t forget! When you click to say you have done it, it will move it on by the correct interval automatically. We have compiled a…

Are you buying or selling a dental practice?

Here’s some sensible advice…………….DON’T INSTRUCT A NON-DENTAL SOLICITOR – PLEASE!!! A lady dentist, sole principal decided to sell her practice. She instructed a non-dental firm to represent her in the transaction. I represented the Buyer. The first solicitor admitted in a telephone conversation…

GDC hearings: The imbalance of probabilities

Can we make the Regulators serve the Public and the Profession in foro conscientiae (the court of the conscience), rather than just a notion of what the regulations might say? I have attended and been asked to make some input into a variety…

RP4 promises a great deal in 2017

 We’re adding a Task Manager called BLUEPRINT inspired by CQC and NHS teams that will keep you ahead of the rest.  We’re adding a catch up page each month to give you a quick summary of what you actually need to know and…

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