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“Just had my cqc inspection. She was very impressed by your system and is going to point other dentists in the direction of rightpath4 who are less compliant (in the east midlands area).” R M 

“Hi Keith, 
You are amazing! Thanks for your help. Your service is top notch, will be recommending. BWs,” Manny

“It’s going really well thank you. I’m doing a full review as I transfer from the A.N. OTHER Compliance system that we had.  It’s a simple user friendly system – thanks for inventing it.” 

“The system is easy and simple and it didn’t tie me in knots, I had everything in a structured format, easy to demonstrate and encourages the team to be involved. This is crucial to the new style inspection as the team were more involved than our last inspection.”

“Unsurprisingly of course, the CQC Manager finds the package absolutely wonderful, informative and indispensable!!”

“Well, I’ve read your system and I have to say it is quite brilliant. It is simple, straight forward and easy to use. For me you have made clinical governance an interesting subject which unfortunately many who teach it don’t in my view.”

Our findings Governance arrangements: We spoke with the principal dentist about the governance arrangements at the practice. We found that they had initiated a number of changes to their governance systems since the previous inspection and there was a well-defined structure in place.’

Since you asked ……, (These real comments were made by people like you that wanted practical help at an affordable price). 

…..most important advise is to contact Keith purchase right path and then get him to visit your practice and do an inspection, look at your procedures and premises and see where you can improve.

Unlike every other group I have had dealings with Keith does not sell any products apart from right path, he will be honest and HELPFUL. He is scrupulously discreet and his service is reasonably priced.

D Gilmartin

We are working thru Right Path 4 and for once we are enjoying it and lot of it makes sense. So thanks for putting something together which is actually useful and not just a paper exercise! BK

‘Anyway, what I also wanted to say was it was great to see Right Path4 in action. What a difference it makes to a practice. What an excellent system. It knocks OTHER COMPLIANCE SYSTEMS  into a cocked hat. As Wxxxxx quite rightly said, these systems don’t tell you the how, they are just a load of policy documents that you have to make sense of. He explained that he felt RP4 had changed his professional life.’   

Just had my cqc inspection. She was very impressed by your system and is going to point other dentists in the direction of rightpath4 who are less compliant (in the east midlands area).

Ritesh M

Well, I’ve read your system and I have to say it is quite brilliant. It is simple, straight forward and easy to use. For me you have made clinical governance an interesting subject which unfortunately many who teach it don’t in my view.

The thing is you have captured the essence of what CG is all about, ‘monitoring and enhancing the quality of service provided to patients’ if only the more out spoken members of GDPUK could remember that simple principle. This is what it is all about and your product captures the concept in spades. You have not made it overly bureaucratic, the GDPUKer’s can’t accuse it of being Quankered, its sensible and is all about meeting the regulations that are out there.

I really like the idea of the evidence and resource box. Very innovative.

I feel the deaneries or whatever they are called this week, should be putting on more courses relating to CG. But doing so in a more meaningful and imaginative way. Getting away from the tick box mentality and more of the ‘Hayesian’ approach, ‘looking at how and why things are done and staff demonstrating that they can carry out systems and processes safely and effectively’. I’ve never forgotten that principle Keith.

Source close to Regulator

 Dear Keith

 I just wanted to write to let you know how your package is working for us in our practice.

 I’m not sure you are aware but we relocated premises in August 2014 moving from one surgery to three surgeries.  We recruited new staff and increased from five to sixteen, which included a trainee nurse, a nurse who had not worked in general practice for a year or so, an apprentice and a new housekeeper who had not worked in a dental practice.  It did feel like I was running around in circles as I did naively think you just transfer from one site to another.

 I then came across the RightPath4 CQC package and purchased it at the start of the year and what an enormous benefit it has been to our practice. 

 Having read all the information I delegated everything to all the staff, we then come together during lunch times, staff meetings etc to discuss, plan, and modify.  All the staff have completed the poisoned chalice, which is an interactive series of questions regarding each room.  I can then review their answers and add any questions they were unsure of or did not know, to the agenda for our next staff meeting. It has led to interesting staff meetings, with debates and staff keen to demonstrate what they do and what we should do.

 The virtual inspection and clinical governance have been areas that the assistant manager and myself as practice manager have completed, and what a huge help they have been.  They look at: how we work in the practice, who should be doing it, why we should be doing it, when it should be completed, how it is completed and what we need to complete.  We have looked at every aspect at what we do, again, working closely with all the staff, who have helped by giving their input on the paperwork, processes and procedures we need to complete.  We have even kept all our working documents as evidence of how we have moved on.

 From my point of view it’s all very well, writing a policy and procedure but does it really work in practice, I found that by getting all the staff involved, helps with morale and motivates them more to know they are being heard, and that their input is valuable and taken very seriously.

I know the package is something which we will use continually, to review and monitor our practice, and any questions I might have, I know I can email you.

 Sorry for going on I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your package and the help you have given and continue to give to us.

 Kind regards

 Janette, Noah’s Ark Dental Practice

Many thanks for coming on Friday. We found it an incredibly useful exercise, and are using your advice and system to bring the whole practice up to scratch.

I am the first to admit that we rested on our laurels a bit after we had the last CQC inspection, and am quite excited about revamping/tweaking everything. It will make
us more efficient and hopefully attractive to patients (aka profitable). The fact we can then pass a CQC inspection I look upon as almost a spin-off!

Please feel free to quote me by name in any promotional blurb.

Ashley L

Hi Keith,

Just a quick mail to say how highly I rate rightpath4. Having previously subscribed to QCS and DBGs omnia (still running regrettably for 2 years) I can now appreciate just how focused and succinct your package is! The governance system is understandable (I am going to give all staff a day of to read it!) and the policies read well and are sensible in content….. A happy customer!

 Kindest Andy J

A little note to say we passed the CQC Inspection at XXXXX Dental Centre today with flying colours.

 We achieved outstanding for cross infection and prevention and the feedback overall was that they hadn’t inspected a practice of this quality, for quite some time. Thanks so much for all your help, advice and supportive documents, which I am sure helped, especially the virtual inspection. I included this for the inspection as a guide for their reference as to how we had implemented the processes for improvement. Although I am very pleased to say, we were very much on top of it all.
I even got the offer of joining them as an inspector! Pause for thought for the future, for sure.
Well, many thanks and I hope you too appreciate the help you provide is second to none.
Kind regards,

I would have loved to have read about this service before I’d started bumbling my way through starting up on my own. I just didn’t know this sort of service was available – so there I was literally doing every little thing by myself and figuring it out as I went along. It was a massive headache and was dragging on and ON with every little bit of icing that needed adding to the CQC cake… Keith then came along and everything I needed was wrapped up almost in an instant, despite huge difficulties along the way.

This is exactly what dentists need – someone who has seen it all before and can advise holistically in regards to how to make life easier in dentistry. We have the BDA DDU MDDUS DPS CQC GDC DCSPCT HSC HSE and acronyms coming out of our ears but we don’t as dentists have ANYONE or ANY professional body that can sit down and listen to the whole lot and come out with a tailored answer.

Throughout the last few months whilst attempting a set-up, I have heard “we don’t deal with” or “we do not regulate” from literally every single service we pay through the nose for. The BDA have told me to call the DDU, the DDU have told me to talk with the GDC, the GDC have told me to contact the CQC… then the CQC tell me to speak with the PCT (oh wait they don’t exist anymore)… but how about trying the GDC again… who refer me to the DDU…

The sort of service Keith provides cuts through all of the nonsense and gets to the point – from an experienced dentists perspective and a CQC inspector’s prospective. Brilliant! I still feel like I’m selling him short!

“The Assessor was booked in for 2 hours and she left happy after 30 minutes, most of that time was spent telling us how she works for the CQC”

“The inspector thought our system was fantastic and asked who had advised us”.

“The system we showed here with the Poisoned Chalice’ just blew her socks off!”

Thank you so much.

Reading your database and library has filled me with optimism and it has actually been a joy working on my Practice’s compliance.

I never thought I would say that!

Jamie K

Got a call from Dental Protection re: the GDC case that was the root cause of all the complaints – it was thrown out! Amazing!! 

 ‘Thanks for all your help.’  JB

“Good Morning Keith and Diana and a huge thank you to you both for your guidance last Thursday.  I am more than overjoyed to say that after a long hard weekend we passed our inspection on Tuesday. We meticulously went through the list you sent us after your walkthrough I even managed to get the PVI’s done complete with certificates on the Monday before their visit. So thank you Keith and Diana for all your help couldn’t have done it without you. Julie  a Very happy practice Manager.”

Keith Hayes BDS GDC 51595