Latest news on making changes to Significant Persons in YOUR PRACTICE

This is not a CQC change.

There is a change in the requirements for notifying Companies House about any person who has a significant role or influence in your Company, (PSCs).

Every company must identify and record the people who own or control their company (the PSCs) on a PSC register.

In light of recent events regarding national security, Companies House have changed the requirements for notifying them about changes in PSCs.

Previously your Accountant could update the PSC register and submit the Confirmation Statement annually to declare any changes. Companies House now require the following;

• The PSC Register must be updated within 14 days of a change occurring
• Companies House must have a form submitted to register the change within a further 14 days

Failure to identify PSCs by both the company and relevant officer constitutes a criminal offence. Going forward it is important to be vigilant regarding any changes to PSCs.

Changes may include

• Adding a PSC (i.e. >25% shareholder, a director or a person of significant influence)
• Removing a PSC
• Change of personal details for an existing PSC (e.g. name, address etc.)
• Change of nature of control (i.e. change of shareholdings may change what ownership category they fall in to)

The link below provides a summary guide from Companies House regarding the register of people with significant control: … _Final.pdf