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  • If you want to correctly prepare for CQC
  • If you have not met the CQC standard
  • If you’re buying or selling a practice  
  • If you want help or advice contact keithhayes22@gmail.com

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* Our Experts are all dentists with detailed experience of working with the Regulators and Indemnity Providers at the highest level

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New for July 2017 (in RP4 Library now)

  • FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT to put you ahead of the curve
  • ‘TAKING YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL’ by Pete Hodgkinson
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING as required for 2018


Inspired by the CQC, Blueprint gives you the complete plan and Blueprint is only available to RP4 members.

“Anyway, what I also wanted to say was it was great to see RP4 in action. What a difference it makes to a practice. What an excellent system. It knocks others [compliance systems] into a cocked hat. As Wxxxxx quite rightly said, these systems don’t tell you the how, they are just a load of policy documents that you have to make sense of. He explained that he felt RP4 had changed his professional life.”

“New governance system is working wonders! We’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time with RightPath4″

Follow our 3 simple unique steps, “Brilliant!”

1 Know what the CQC know using RP4 Virtual CQC Inspector with the prompts and advice notes

2 Use the RP4 SIMPLE governance system which is mapped to the CQC standards for 2017. You are expected to have a system, this is a really simple and includes full guidance.

3 Use our unique tool, the RP4 Poisoned Chalice risk assessment which reflects exactly your practice and provides the CQC with confidence in your system.

PLUS you can take your practice to the next level using:

  • RP4 Resources Library which has all the documentation, templates, surveys, audits and advice sheets you need to demonstrate that you comply and also that you are meeting the GDC Standards for the Dental Team. The Library is continually updated with access 24/7.
  • RP4 BLUEPRINT Modules on Clinical Risk Management, NHS Contract Management, PDP and Reflective writing and now ‘keeping your eye on the ball. All written by EXPERTS just for RP4 members.
  • RP4 offers you a bespoke PRACTICE VISIT, (£350 plus travel) buys you our expertise in your location.

Here’s what other experts (by experience) have said:

“Just had my cqc inspection. She was very impressed by your system and is going to point other dentists in the direction of rightpath4 who are less compliant (in the east midlands area).” R M 

“Hi Keith, 
You are amazing! Thanks for your help. Your service is top notch, will be recommending. BWs,” Manny

“It’s going really well thank you. I’m doing a full review as I transfer from the A******* Compliance system that we had.  It’s a simple user friendly system – thanks for inventing it.” 

“The system is easy and simple and it didn’t tie me in knots, I had everything in a structured format, easy to demonstrate and encourages the team to be involved. This is crucial to the new style inspection as the team were more involved than our last inspection.”

“Unsurprisingly of course, the CQC Manager finds the package absolutely wonderful, informative and indispensable!!”

“Well, I’ve read your system and I have to say it is quite brilliant. It is simple, straight forward and easy to use. For me you have made clinical governance an interesting subject which unfortunately many who teach it don’t in my view.”

Our findings Governance arrangements: We spoke with the principal dentist about the governance arrangements at the practice. We found that they had initiated a number of changes to their governance systems since the previous inspection and there was a well-defined structure in place.’

Keith Hayes BDS 51595 

How much will this system cost me? £59.95 (incl VAT) per month 


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